The Complete Membership System!




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Here is the brief run-down of all the features! Additional information, such as blog posts, is available for some of them.

+ Keep track of how they found you ... And who your best referrers are!

+ Quickly and Easily Send:

    - Emails, and
    - Push Notifications

+ Set reminders on accounts so that you never forgot to contact them regarding anything. This aids in keeping your members happy and engaged.

    - These can be alerted for both you (the business)
    - and also on the member when they check-in for a class.

+ You can split accounts into two or more, as your child members become adults members

+ Members can enrol into pre-book into classes via their phone app, or by logging into the member portal

+ Record certifications such as First Aid, Working With Children etc ...
    - And know when they're expired

+ Even though you’re only paying to use Arnold for current active members, your old members’ history is still available and you can re-activate them at any time.